Episode #012 of The Remote Revolution Show

A show for online fitness professionals & coaches who want to learn how to grow their business online. Original Post at www.remotefitpro.com.


Here’s what you will learn from Austin in this episode:

  • How Austin built a $10,000 per month side hustle business with a small yet dynamic team.
  • Why becoming obsessed with the problem not the solution is the only way to win.
  • The best approach for starting an online fitness company that delivers a high ticket cash injection with recurring income.
  • The exact strategy Austin and his team at Proof used to make it a $100,000 a month company in a matter of months.
  • The single most important mindset shift required for thinking like an entrepreneur.
  • Why getting a job may not be the worst idea if you are looking to grow a successful company.
  • How to make decisions that serve your business in the long term.
  • How Austin went from selling lemonade and lava lamps to Chief Marketing Officer of one of the most exciting companies in Silicon Valley.
  • The formula Austin uses to predictably and consistently grow his business through paid advertising.